Clothing & gear

In summer: in addition to an adequate backpack and clothing, mountain poles will help you a lot: they improve stability, especially on the steepest slopes, and offer you extra points of contact with the ground. There are all kinds of poles. To help you with the height of the sticks, entrust yourself to an experienced shopkeeper: they will surely be able to advise you on the right size to facilitate ascent and descent.

In winter: snowshoeing and ski mountaineering allow us to experience the mountains in the cold season. For those who hike, it is essential to have snowshoes with a good grip on the snow, especially when it is icy. Mountain poles will help you. For ski mountaineering lovers, boots and wellstructured skis, seal skins, the avalanche self-rescue kit and never leave without the ARTVA (Avalanche Transceiver).

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