Choose the destination

Choose and prepare the hike

Mountain trails are classified by type and degree of difficulty. Choose the route and the elevation gain most suitable to your preparation. Directional signs (signposts) tell you the number of the trail to follow (which you will find along the route), the time required, the difficulty and the altitude. Indulge your desire for nature by consulting mountain professionals (Alpine guides, Medium-altitude Mountain guides…) and specific websites. The more detailed they are, the better. Images and descriptions will help you choose.

Trails classification
T = Tourist
E = Hiking
EE = Routes for Experienced Hikers
EEA = Trails for Experienced Hikers with Equipment
EEA – F (Easy Ferrata)
EEA – PD (Slightly Difficult Ferrata)
EEA – D (Difficult Ferrata)
EAI = Hiking in a Snowy Environment

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